Oh the places we’ll go! (Henkaa Discovery)

With an impending Bahamas trip coming, I have been on the hunt for new swimsuits for both My Dearest Darling Dalyn (DDD) and myself, as well as a dress for a fancy dinner we’ll be attending, with family, while there.

The problem: My closet is FILLED with dresses; from sundresses to bridesmaids dresses, from too small to too large. I couldn’t justify adding MORE dresses to my collection. After my initial thought of “I need NEW sundresses and a NEW ‘dressy’ dress” I was excited to learn about an all together different kind of dress that could meet all of my needs!

Hello Henkaa! One dress = Seemingly Endless Styles!

henkaa dress

Prices range from $98-$168. The Sakura Midi prices at $139.

“Owch! That’s steep!” was the thought I chewed over in my mind for a few days, but then I compared it to the number of dresses in my closet that are only appropriate for singular venues, and it struck me how much money I’ve been wasting, rather than saving. 1/3 of my dresses could be replaced with one quality, versatile dress!

I just placed my very first order with them, and I couldn’t be more excited! I ordered the Sakura Midi in Deep Teal and Coral Pink.

Orders over $200 receive free shipping, and I scoured the internet for a promotional code to apply before ordering, but sadly, could find none. But again, the intention is that these dresses are worth the investment!

Pictures and an Update coming as soon as my package arrives!


What a beautiful mess

Life is messy. Life is fun. Life is hard. Life is full of surprises, and full of carefully laid plans. Life is beautiful. What a gift! this thing called life.

I’m here to share my beautiful, messy life. So many adventures coming soon, and so many to share from the past.

Between planning a trip to the Bahamas, and still reorganizing my life from orchestrating an Accessory Swap, I’m going to use this little space I’m carving out for myself on the world wide web to share things with others that would interest me to read. But I may be a little biased, so bear with me.

DIYs. Recipes. Reviews. Trip Details. Adventures. All Coming soon…